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Welcome Visitor,

to the Museum of the Twilight Fool!  I am Ken, your dubious host.  Come in, and visit my collection of dark oddities, found only in that twilight world between day and night.  Enjoy yourself.  Allow yourself to feel the chill, damp, evening air.   Breathe the silent dust of ancient citadels.  Wander, just once, into the darkness, and witness the world from a slightly skewed perspective.

Oh, don't worry.  It's quite safe.  I promise not to bite you.

Twilight Gallery

If you're an art lover, visit my Twilight Gallery.  It's filled with my favorite images: Paintings, Sculptures, and Photos.  And, the best part is, they're all done by Ken!  Only available here, not sold in stores.

Twilight Cinema

In the Twilight Cinema, you'll find the absolutely incredible movies written, directed, animated, produced, edited, and finally, released, by Ken.  That should tell you exactly how active Ken is as a filmmaker.  You'll need to have the Flash or Shockwave plugin for your browser, or the Netscape browser (it contains the Flash plugin already).

Twilight Concert Hall

If you like music, visit the Twilight Concert Hall.  Hear some nice, Twilight Music.   Buy the records, play them at parties.  Everybody will agree that you're more of a fool than the Fool himself!  I guarantee it.

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