Twilight Gallery
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Gallery of Paintings
Twilight Sculpture Hall
Twilight Photo Gallery

Ah!  So you're into the graphic arts, are you?  Then you've come to the right place.

The Twilight Gallery is where the Twilight Fool exhibits his fantastic, slightly bizarre artwork.

Gallery of Paintings

In the Gallery of Paintings, you'll find the Fool's favorite art: his paintings.  The Twilight Fool normally paints in oil on canvas, but you might see some of his other works as well.

Twilight Sculpture Hall

In the Twilight Sculpture Hall, you'll find everyone else's favorite art: the Fool's sculptures.  The Twilight Fool usually works in papier mach, but don't expect to see anything resembling a piata.

Twilight Photo Gallery (sorry, out of order.  I can't find my pictures)

In the Twilight Photo Gallery, you'll find the Fool's favorite photographs (if he ever manages to find them).  The Fool used to photograph in black and white, but once he learned to paint, he gave up the camera.  Some things are easier to create with a brush on canvas, than in the darkroom (unless you're Jerry Uellsman).

Last updated on Saturday, August 17, 2002