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Ah!  You've found the Twilight Concert Hall!  This is where the Twilight Fool displays all his incredible, musical masterpieces.

Well, this is where the Fool comes when he wants to contemplate the great, Symphony Number 10 that he's going to write some day.  You know, of course, that Beethoven only wrote 9 symphonies, as did Mahler.  Brahms only wrote 4.  Schubert wrote 9, though there's some controversy about whether number 9 is really number 8 (or 7, or something like that).  Anyway, it is the task of the Twilight Fool to consider very seriously writing his 10th symphony one day*.

*First, of course, he has to write his 9th symphony.
Before the does that, he must write his 8th...  his 7th...  etc.
Hmm... Perhaps he should begin at Step 1 and write his 1st symphony.
I guess I wouldn't hold my breath.

Browse through his incredibly rich catalog of original compositions.   Note that the term "incredibly rich" is marketing hype for "more than two."  Perhaps in a few years, it will become more real (though hopefully no less marketable).  The Fool likes to go by Title.

Oh yes, you can also hear the music, though not in its entirety, of course.  The Fool may be foolish, but he's not wealthy.  There's only so much stuff one can cram into a few megabytes of disk space, you know!

Please note: "incredibly rich catalog" is used very, very broadly.   It means "more than two."

Last updated on Saturday, July 20, 2002